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Posted in Music on 20:04, January 27th, 2010

Finally received a little bit of new music yesterday. And this is the heaviest doom/sludge metal possible. Of course all 3 CDs are from my fave Rise Above Records, where else all heavy music lives?В First CD is Unearthly Trance – “In The Red”. It’s very interesting kind of doom. Proper heaviness and high vocals. Quite unusual for american band to produce something of this kind. But this album goes along with typical Electric Wizard album in heaviness and pace. Recommended.

Second CD is В Electric Wizard with the same name. This is the first proper album of the band. They show their true 70s atmosphere together with heavy riffs. Since it’s first one it has that special feel that first albums of the bands have. A bit different from the rest of the releases yet attractive.

And third one is a compilation of Pre-electric Wizard releases from years 1989-1994 consisting of bands like Thy Grief Eternal, Eternal and Lord of Putrefaction. This one is the most interesting CD as it shows absolutely unusual side of Jus Osborn. When Eternal sounds a bit closer to Electric Wizard, Thy Grief Eternal and Lord of Putrefaction are pure heaviness and doom. These several tracks blew my head off. Finally I found something as heavy as I wanted all these times. Yet it’s not just one slow rhythm there, it changes pace and feel and all in all really delightful music. Also Jus’ vocals are surprisingly different and it totally doesn’t sound like him, but still very growly, especially on Lord of Putrefaction part. Highly recommended for Electric Wizard fans who still didn’t get this remaster for some reason.