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Posted in Music on 19:01, December 28th, 2009

I was too busy (lazy) to update. No real news in music side of my life. Large package I ordered still on its way resting in the customs. So I’m listening to the old stuff. I’m converting all my collection to FLAC bit by bit, so I can leave CDs alone and play everything from the comfy playlists via Foobar player either at home or at work. When starting writing this update I had no idea what to write, but now it occured to me it’s the end of the 2009 and it is time to say what albums I liked most during this year:

  • SUNN O))) – “Monliths & Dimensions” – This is the main album of the year for me. It completely devastated my mind. The massiveness of the riffs is immense. The band moved much further with this release as from guitar sound as from vocal part. They now use female choir and classic instruments on some tracks. This all makes their music even more multidimensional and interesting. Can’t wait to hear their new works.
  • Moss – “Tomb of the blind drugged” – This is the best album in drone doom genre. Very heavy and monotonous. It’s what I was looking for ages.
  • Satyricon – “The age of Nero” – First, I was kinda sceptical regarding this album, but after my friend told me that I definitely have to try it out, I did. And you know what, I was hooked instantly! As usual, very technical work, but not banal and downgraded, it’s severe and cruel like northern wind. Glad to see Satyricon evolves.
  • King Diamond – “Give me your soul…please” – This came out as surprise for me because I quit being Kind Diamond fan like 15-20 years ago and after listening to this album I fell in love. King reached new awesome heighs using his vocals, music is quite interesting and I’m still humming it walking on the streets. Very well done!
  • Lustmord “Other” and remixes – This is the main bunch of dark ambient (and dub!) releases of the year. Brian went further remixing his “Other” album making two follow ups “The Dark Places of the Earth” and “Beyond” as well as making dub remix “Other Dub”. All bunch is quite stylish and continues proper Lustmord trend – darkest and spacey ambient (and dub!).