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Are you ready for the autumn?

Posted in Music on 12:31, October 22nd, 2009

kingdiamondCold autumn brings typical grim moods therefore i’m getting alot of metal these days. I stopped to be King Diamond fan back in the early 90s. The albums after “The Eye” seemed kinda boring to me so I quit my long standing fandom for the King. But it took like 17 years for King Diamond to attract my attention again. His last album “Give Me Your Soul…Please” turned to be quite nice. It’s dynamic and has interesting themes and King’s vocals are top notch there. So I’m glad he and his band don’t stand in one place and actually do new interesting things.

mosstombsFinally I’ve got new Moss album “Tombs of the Blind Drugged”. I tried to buy it from Rise Above directly, but the package didn’t came after the month of waiting, so I ordered it via other channels. But it was worth waiting, this album is even more dark and slow and epic than previous works of the band. They’re my current faves in dronedoom area.

enslavedisaEnslaved“Isa”. I’m still continuing gathering last Enslaved albums, and think i’ll stop now. This is the last album of the band that attracted my attention. As expected it’s pure masterpiece of this oldest viking metal band. The title track “Isa” is my fave there, but the rest of the album is also good and breathe cold from the norwegian mountains.

satyriconAfter the long pondering I finally decided to buy latest Satyricon album “The Age of Hero”. This is indeed very nice album: very cruel and perfectly performed black metal of the high quality. Of course it’s not as properly grim as their first 2 albums, but its technical level is so great that I couldn’t resist. Satyricon for me are the most technically advanced black metal band, it’s like Nine Inch Nails in alternative genre. I’m now pondering to buy their “Now, Diabolical” CD because it’s as good as this one.

nordevolutionThe last two albums not actually metal ones, but from the monsters of dark ambient. Nordvargr“Evolution” is good pack of dark ambient and microsound music from the master of evil sound. First CD is mostly proper dark ambient and second is sound experiments with cuts&clicks and glitches. Very nice production and quality of sound there. As usual, Nordvargr doesn’t disappoint his faithful fans here.

BeyondSmallThe last visit to Lustmord site surprised me by the new release. [BEYOND] – is the new pack of extended remixes of the album [OTHER]. I like that Brian is quite productive lately, even his last two releases are actually remixes of one album. These remixes are quite nice actually, and quite different from the source album, so one coul dconsider them as a separate works. All in all dark ambient is quite narrow genre, so little altering of one track might significantly change it. This album is not exception, so as soon as I saw it’s released I ordered it and put my greedy hands on it 2 weeks later.