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Breaking Down Nihil

Posted in Music on 19:18, September 28th, 2009

miseryAfter 4 or so years since his last visit, Brighter Death Now finally managed to give a show in Moscow. Warmup for BDN was Misery. It’s my old friend who leads this project since the early 90s. This time it was very nice composition with ritual elements, with slow developent, proper climax and conclusion. As usual Misery delivers quality solid stuff you shouldn’t miss. A pity though that the club has shitty sound system so Misery’ performance was kinda quiet. BDN part was surprisingly rather loud, after Roger K. showed his disagreement with bdnclub’s volume policy. He performed with 2 people form Moscow bands, Anthesteria and Lamia Vox who actually produced noise. There were as classic tracks as new ones, with the touch of the aforementioned bands. All in all the show was quite good. Though, someone stole bdncdRoger’s giant banner with BDN symbol after the show… some people have no respect whatsoever. I’ve bought limited edition CD “Breaking Down Nihil” that was supposed to sell only on these shows in Russia, there’s program that Roger performed there. It’s limited to 150 copies as well.

New stuff from Tesco

Posted in Music on 12:50, September 14th, 2009

14092Just received long awaited new stuff of Galerie Schallschutz. This time it’s DVD/CD release called “Cocoon”, featuring live recorded in Antwerp back in 2007 during Tesco Festival. Galerie Schallschutz makes quite rare releases, but they’re all very interesting, hence this one was much anticipated. And it turned to be really nice: conceptual live show of GS is something I didn’t expect, but here it is. The message behind GS is the conspiracy theory in action. The problems of modern society, government manipulating lives to satisfy its little interests. 14091Good show and good music. As usual, quality release from my favourite german project.
Second CD is Isomer “Face Toward The Sun”. This time Isomer went further to explore harsh sound. No more of that drone ambient which it used to be. Quite alot of noise tracks together with proper ambient makes it peculiar and not to be missed release.

The end of summer

Posted in Music on 15:14, September 11th, 2009

This post was actually meant to be released month or two ago as I got this massive package in midsummer, but lack of time and general laziness prevented me to complete it. The main body of this package is a number of releases from german label SonderГјbertragung!.

1109Llovespell albums “Symmetric Poetry”, “Signatures of Sympathy”, “Every song is a llovesong” and “Last breath before light”. This project is kinda close to Antlers Mulm, but it’s less experimental, but more melodic and musical. Electronic music with seldom female vocals to ease moods. Good for evening listening (as any other music I usually listen to ;).

11092High Tide Technology “At Night”. This is quite an experimental project for this label, but still, quiet electronics ambient music with a bit of light noises here and there. Nothing special but it adds to the label’s collection.

11093Sunday Strain “Red, Black and White” album is kind of different music from above mentioned, it’s kinda jazzy and features female vocals which makes me uneasy. I’m still not sure why did I buy this release, but from the other side, the collection wouldn’t be full without this release. Maybe I just have to grow up to understand it.

11094Antlers Mulm “Weihnachtsfunk 1&2” and “Filth in Several Styles – Alternative Sparks”. First album is a reissue of long deleted cassette, and second is a collection of remixes on Antlers’ track “Filth in Several Styles” from the album “Of withered sparks” released on Loki. 11095First CD feels undeveloped Antlers Mulm, the ideas aren’t polished yet, but you can feel general direction of the project. Second CD is quite various in sound and style. Some tracks are quite ambient, others are rhythmic or even featuring classic instruments. There are remixes by Llovespell, Fjernlys, First Law and High tide Technology.

11096For some reason I decided to gather last Enslaved albums, probably because I listen to metal alot last days.В  Enslaved – “Ruun” was the first CD from the last ones I’ve bought. It’s quite different from the old Enslaved, more complex and interesting. I’m glad this band doesn’t stagnate and develops all the time.

11097It turned I listen to Abruptum very much lately, probably because I need proper grim music or probably Abruptum is one of those bands that sincerely deliver really pure chaos and evil. This is music without compromises. I’ve got two albums “Casus Luciferi” and11098 “In Umbra Malitiae Ambulabo, In Aeternum In Triumpho Tenebraum”. First one is more late album, it’s more traditional in terms of song length and structure, but still, there are tracks like some Satanic marches or just some guitar noise, etc. Second album is 60 minutes of everlasting pain and darkness. This is classic album I listened to on cassette pack in 90s. Quite nostalgic for me and still quite evil.

11099Next pack of CDs came to me not so long ago, but I still managed to be too lazy to write about them. First one is much anticipated release from Inade“The Incarnation of the Solar Architects”. As any of Inade release this one is the same vast darkness of space with layers of sounds that create awesome cosmic atomsphere of darkness and cold. Any Inade fun must have this CD as it’s next classic from the band.

110910Bad Sector “CMASA”. This is quite unusual Bad Sector release. Unusual just for one thing, he added piano to his radio wave music. The idea isn’t new, people from Raster Noton did that ages ago, but it’s still interesting to see Bad Sector’s special kind of noise with piano, recommended for BS fans.

110911Robert Rich/Lustmord “Stalker”. I wanted to get this release for like several years, and finally here it is. Well one might really consider it as a proper OST for the Stalker movie. Dark ambient from the inventors of the style cannot be bad, can it? I like that they included some sounds (speeches) from the actual movie to add atmosphere. Worked quite well.

110912S.E.T.I.“Corona”. This is pure so called space ambient. Alot of source sounds came from the real astronomic laboratories, repocessed radio sounds from the stars sound really cool if to alter them properly. People in this project know what they’re doing so the music really sounds as if you’re part of the x-rays coming from some distant star.

110913Scripta Sensus“Conscious And Unconscious Subjective Reactions…” This project was recommended to me by me friend. Well this is realyl some interesting neo-folk type of music with the hint of The Moon lay hidden beneath a Cloud. But comparing to TMLHBC this project is still raw but they really have potential, there are nice ideas. Hope their next album will be more mature.