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Midsummer blackness

Posted in Music on 18:56, June 30th, 2009

R-582141-1161100285[1]Got small pack from Eternal Pride today which includes the following releases: rather old album by Of the Wand and The Moon“Sonnenheim”.В  I listen to this act rather frequently, especially in the autumn or grey summer days. Very calm voice and music of this danish neo folk project create cozy atmosphere.В  I still remember his concert here, it was really awesome. I hope will Kim visit us again this autumn.

R-1809258-1244734566[1]Next is Nordvargr – “Untitled Navigations I”. This is new album from the dark Nordvargr, this time it’s dark cosmic sounds very much like on Interstellar album. Nothing could be said about that, only that Nordvargr rached absolute heights in dark ambient music productions, and slaves of him will obtain this CD anyway.

R-1470186-1222104291[1]KГ¶rperwelten – “Avatars of Rape and Rage” is the collaboration between Nordvargr and Leech of Navicon Torture Technoligies. This one is very grim noise album, together with trademark brutal sadistic art within the digipak, music shred the ears with proper NTT method, add here dark ambient backgroud and you’ll get the idea. Very nice album.

R-1314374-1244901196[1]Also received rather big package from the Southern Lord label. Here’s the deal. Boris – “Pink” and “Smile”. This is japanese heavy rock project. R-683846-1147386600[1]The music varies from the very slow and harsh doom, to rather fast doom of japanese flavor. I’m not sure if I liked fast tracks, maybe I have to listen to them more, but slow ones are really properly done. I’ve bought Boris because I liked their cooperation with SUNN on Altar album. But these two are of a different kind. Well maybe I have to grow up more to fully comprehend them.

R-582141-1161100285[1]Earth – “Hex..”. This is good old Earth which discography I’m slowly gathering. The CD’s inlay has alot of old photos of the old american life such as Indians, cowboys, etc. This adds to the atmosphere of the album – slow epic rock, which brings images of vast american prairies and nature. Gotta get Earth’s albums that they released on Sub Pop records, as I almost gathered everything from Southern Lord.

R-1018542-1227058842[1]Abruptum – “Evil Genius”. This is very old album from the swedish masters of true evil Abruptum that was re-issued on Southern Lord last year. I wanted to get this CD while ago and now finally got it. Well the music on CD is absolute darkness and chaos. This is one might call it – trie satanic music. Sometimes I’m in the mood to listen to the moans and noises of this proper kind. I also like that this project has its measure of black humour.

R-498119-1156908358[1]SUNN O)))“The GrimmRobe demos”. Contiuing gathering old SUNN’ albums. This one is one of my faves – solid with 4 tracks of epic proportions. The sound is so heavy my headphones are ready to blast away. One of the gems in SUNN O))) discography, the last one I really need is “Oracle” album, but it was released in limited edition, so it’s almost impossible to get it these days.

R-1777200-1244294614[1]SUNN O)))“Monoliths & Dimensions”. This is very fresh album of the band released the end of May. For me this is the best dronedoom album ever at the moment. Here SUNN reached another step in the genre one might think has rached the dead end while ago. The music is very heavy, multilayered and dark. There’s also usage of classic string and brass, but there’s slight hint of them being used. Their sound is utilised in proper heavy way so they just add the depths to the music. Atila Csihar is also presented there in somewhat even stronger way than ever. His voise is so close and deep and heavy, almost like the guitars. Top notch album! Recommended to anyone who likes heavy music.

Suzdal trip

Posted in General News on 11:17, June 15th, 2009

I’ve returned from the nice trip to Suzdal yesterday. This is small town 185km from Moscow filled with Russian history. First mention about it is dated 11th century. This is church-monastery town, there’s so much churches that whenever you look you’d see some random church head. Actually there’s nothing more to see apart from these religious buildings and castles. Crowds of tourists from all over the world roam its streets and enjoy russian foods in quite a big number of restaurants. Weather was also merciful to us, it was contrast hot sunny and heavy rainy weather but generally it was pretty warm – proper russian mid-summer. Enjoy some pics.