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Ulduar and beyond

Posted in Games on 10:19, May 25th, 2009

Just thought that I’ll post about current events in WoW where I spend all my spare time. The guild I’m in have cleared Ulduar month ago, and now we’re doing hard modes of the bosses. I’m really glad to see Blizzard is improving the game constantly. These new hard modes of the bosses are properly designed replay value of the game. You can improve yourself constantly till the next major content patch and there’s no boring farming. Hardmodes are really hard and they designed to keep guilds busy for a longtime. Also Blizzard constantly tunes the encounters so they’re really fun to play. If you want relaxed raid, you just kill the boss normally, but if you want some wipefest night, you can enable hard mode and wipe till you drop but if you manage to defeat him afterall, you get additional hi quality items. This new approach gives second life to the game and raiding especially.





St.Petersburg trip

Posted in General News on 10:34, May 12th, 2009

Finally re-visited this cool city. Last time I been there was like 20 years ago and it doesn’t actually counts as I been there only 1 full day and didn’t see much. I liked SPB really much as it has its special atmosphere despite crowds of tourists all over the place. If to deviate a bit from the main tourist routes you might end up in the silent streets and squares. Early spring was also merciful with sunny and warm weather. We got to see Peterhof’s infamous fountain complex as well. Gonna return to this awesome city one day to see more.