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November’s doom

Posted in Music on 16:51, November 6th, 2008

Finally received neat package from UK’s Rise Above Records. Along with Cathedral t-shirt there are 4 yummy doom pieces. I got to know new bands and whole underground camp of sludge/stoner doom bands. I.e. I have a vast area to explore now since this genre was always attractive to me and it seems it finally grew to the state of proper doom. As you might know I’m still fan of the oldskool doom bands like My Dying Bride, Type O Negative. But recently (last 10 years) the new genre was forming in the underground. The brightest stars are SUNN O))) and Electric Wizard bands. SUNN O))) is of more drony appearance while Electric Wizard is more funky, but still uber heavy. That heavy, so I know no better metal band in terms of heaviness at the moment. The proper stuff! First cd I’ve got is Electic Wizard “Dopethrone”. This is the album from which I got to know this band. Devastating riffs and atmosphere instantly hooked me, so I’m now official worshipper. Second CD is “Witchcult Today”. Same stuff as on “Dopethrone”, but it’s more monotonous and more painful I think.

Next CD is Moss “Sub Templum”. This one is very heavy drony doom. It’s like dark ambient meets black metal and doom. Can you imagine this grim mix? You will not be able to until you listen to Moss. The darkness of this music is what my soul requires exactly.

4th CD is Serpentcult“Weight of Light”. This one is more rock side doom. But still very heavy stuff. The main thing that makes it different is female vocals which suits the music very well. Imagine Electric Wizard with female vox. This is Serpentcult. All in all, Rise Above records requires special attention now, as long as whole bunch of other UK and ametican independent labels who issue stuff like this. For me, tired of industrial/noise music, this stuff is like fresh wind. I like its heaviness, rhythmics, vocals and general satanic – chtonic atmosphere. Seems like doom metal takes new turn in its development.