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Music Overload

Posted in Music on 17:22, August 28th, 2008

After rather long silence here’s sonic storm. I’ve got 14 new music CDs I ordered quite some time ago. Here they are:

I got to hear Antlers Mulm from my friend and got immediately hypnotized. This is the kind of music I fall in love instantly. It’s quiet but rather various and always interesting. First album “Silbergrauer Staub” is one of the first of the project so the music there is more ambient and somewhat simpler than in later works, but still, music is multilayered and attractive to listen to. Second CD is “Reverse” this one is very cool, here you can hear all strong sides of the project, and get hooked already. And the latest album, released on german Loki is “Withered Sparks”. This is the last work of the project and it’s the most mature. This is the album that introduced me to Antlers Mulm, it’s the most solid work I think, though I’m eager to get as much past albums of the project as i could because it’s really interesting and original. Also I’m gonna dig other projects of the Hans Johm’s label SonderГјbertragung!. If you’re tired of the music you’re listening to at the moment and need something fresh, don’t miss this project.

Second comes good old power electronics Control with its very first album “Control”. Released on american Malignant Records (Black Plagve division) back in 1999 this CD still kicks. If you scroll to the past music posts you’ll see that I’m fan of Control and started gathering its discography. This is excellent example of proper death industrial. Since it’s first album it’s more raw than the later ones, this doesn’t mean it’s bad, it’s otherwise more severe.

Second CD of Control I’ve got is released on Italian Eibon records “The Means To an End” in 2005.В  The sound on this album is of the quality that makes me love Control. Dark grinding background and various kinds of grim atmospheres on top of it. If you like death industrial, you already have this album in your collection ;)

Next CD is a collaborative work of two awesome projects Herbst9 and Z’ev “Through Bleak Landscapes”. This is dark ambient from the masters of this genre. You’ll get everything what you expect from Herbst9 meaning, proper dark ambient from the darkest abyss, Z’ev mostly did percussion job there adding massive background to the music.

Next album is from my favourites of technological dark ambient Land:Fire “Incandescent”. This mini CDr sounds almost the same as Live at Sonic Lodge, with the difference that it’s studio recording but not live. When I hear this CD I wish these guys come here with the show again. I remember their performance two years ago with this program, it was one of the best dark ambient shows I ever attended to.

Der Blutharsch comes next with their next work which wipes their past style completely. With the “Philosopher Stone” Der Blutharsch completely abandoned martial themes and turned to some kind of a grim rock. Being a genius, Albin Julius never stagnates and goes forward. With this album Der Blutharsch proved they’re ready to live 10 more years successfully without becoming boring. Very cool album! Hopefully their future works will develop this trend.

I’m continuing gathering Southern Lord releases, and this album is the next in queue – SUNN O))) & Boris collaboration with the album “Altar”. Of course it’s slowest and heaviest music possible, but it’s mixed with female vocals on some tracks and almost wall of guitar noise on another. You won’t fall asleep in the deep droning dream because this album is not monotonous like pure SUNN O))) releases.В  Still it’s of the same dark and heavy quality.

In the idle mode I’m getting Con-Dom releases. This one is “Live in Japan 2003”. What can I say? Proper Con-Dom release with its cold relentless music. Add here atmosphere of the japan (you won’t be able to escape it knowing the show was in Tokyo) and you’ll get nice power electronics release.

After some pondering I finally decided to get this live DVD “Cold Meat Industry Live in Australia”. This show features live performance of the bands like: Brighter Death Now, Deutsch Nepal, Raison D’etre, Bocksholm, Shinjuku Thief. It has very nice quality of video, not like that of BDN’s “Disobey” DVD. Sound quality is questionable, but this doesn’t matter as you get to see rare australian show of the good old CMI people. Btw, Lina isn’t drunk there, wtf?

Next CD is pure weirdness in terms of the label, and all that official shizzle. I still didn’t figure out full history of this release, only thing I know is that it’s mastered on Cyclic Law Records. Anyway this is a compilation called “Juche”. It all dedicated to the North Korea and its leader. Cover design is red with cold embossed korean letters. The music is ambient/power electronics from the acts like, Con-Dom, Operation Cleansweep, Genocide Organ, etc. Every track is good there. I like such compilations that are indeed quite useful and show best sides of the artists presented.

Nazi Ufo Commander’s last CD before his departure from this planet. “Radiant Entropie” features the same wicked ambient and sinister whisperings and chants. Here’s more vocals, some of the vocals are absolutely mad like woman moaning on 3rd track, or looped man voice on another track. This all brings even more confusing atmospheres to the music making it weird beyond reality like nazi saucers themselves could be. Listen this album and be ready for the grey invasion from the stars!

And final release is monstrous wooden box entitled “Wilde Jaeger”. This 2CD+3″CD compilation features european artists of folk and ambient nature. It dedicated to alpine mythos so this box is all full of images of the ancient gods and demons masks which are used in rituals or old pagan celebrations. Almost all tracks are worthy and opening a full spectre of the unknown artists for me as I’m not specialist in the folk genre. From the known artists there’s Allerseelen with some kind of grotesque track (I quite liked it). Being very various in presented music, this compilation promises to be in my player for a long time. I’m gonna explore some of the presented artists as well as I liked them a lot.

Photogallery is back!

Posted in Photo on 16:04, August 12th, 2008

Thanks to the almighty briton Pauk “the busy” Healey I’ve got alot of disk space for my photogallery. There’s no new images so far, only old archive. But I promise to add new images from my Thailand and Croatia trips as soon as possible, stay tuned!

On a side note i’d like to thank the development team of the Plogger engine. This engine is indeed not bloated and heavy. It’s very functional and easy to use thing. It’s not that mess of the gallery I used ot have before. Plogger is highly recommended for those who’s looking for the proper image gallery.

God of War: Chains of Olympus

Posted in Games on 17:32, August 11th, 2008

Finished this amazing game last week during the vacation. This one is another example of top quality game for PSP. The game catches from the beginning with non stop action and various combat situations, like miniboss fight rapitly switching to the proper bossfight without time to relax. You move forward smashing skulls of the enemies, destroying environment and moving objects. Add here one of the best graphics on PSP I’ve ever seen and cool story which forces to play till the end. Upon completion there’re new challenges and God Mode (very hard) becomes available. And when you complete God Mode there are even more goodies will be opened in the game, from “the making of ” movie to the new secret levels. So, what do you think? I started replaying this game in God Mode now, yes it’s so cool and has awesome replayability. Highly recommended!