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Incoming darkness

Posted in Music on 16:23, June 5th, 2008

Got three grim releases from the swedish master of evil sounds today. First is a reissue of the old Maschinenzimmer 412 album “Macht Durch Stimme”. It sounds surprisingly fresh even being a recording of the end of 80s. The mix of distorted guitar and electro noises, ritualistic kind of rhythms and satanic kind of vocals make this album really remarkable. It’s clear that Nordvargr had a talent in creating dark atmospheres 20 years ago already. He’s hellspawn indeed :) It’s very good that the record got reissued by the old german label Dark Vinyl, otherwise I’d miss it completely.

Second is the newest work of Nordvargr“Interstellar”. Issued in 444 copies on the polish label Beast of Prey. This is kind of space dark ambient. The album reminds releases of the canadian Cyclic Law label – quite amorphous and spacious sounds. Not the evil dark ambient we used to receive from Nordvargr lately. Still it has its development, climax and ending, not just a chunk of faceless ambient. Might be good for the fans of far space atmosphere and Astronomy Pic of the Day site fans.

The last CD is Nordvargr“Helvete” released by the russian label Eternal Pride. This one is more structural and has that lovely sinister moods all over the album. Hellish themes and dark drones pierce whole work submerging you into the darkness of Hell. This is what was actually expected from Nordvargr this summer. I’m not satisfied customer. Consider this yet another proper release from this master of darkness. Waiting for his another new album “Pyrhulla” released on Coldspring.