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Heat and fumes

Posted in Music on 13:42, May 31st, 2007

If you thought that Russia is place with neverending snow, wild bears and dark sun, you were misinformed. Russia these days is pure hellish blast furnace. It’s +37C here during the last week, and I’m melting, suffering and dying, craving for winter or at least clouds and wind… But, no matter weather conditions, the music is still with me and arrives according to schedule:

r-823010-1162465682.jpgDerniere Volonte“Deviant le Miroir”. This is the latest album of this military pop project from France. This one is quite easy to listen to, yet it’s quite catchy. I listen to it a lot last days. Sometimes it sounds close to Depeche Mode or something even, but that doesn’t spoils its trade mark sound. Very good and somewhat ‘cozy’ album. And as usual, vocals is on top there.

walp_cover.jpgNext comes complete discography of american Tantric Terror label. This is project Nitrous Flesh with the CDs “Shadow Fracture”, “Abominations” and “Walpurgisnacht”. I’ve found this project thanks to my pal, liked the samples presented on the site and ordered all three albums. The good thing about them is that they’re all quite different. One is more ritualistic, another is more drone noisy and third is weird industrial/drone mix. All are interesting and urge me to listen them more and more. Rather rare gem amongst the giant pile of weird American acts.

r-55231-1124618926-1.jpgFinally comes my fave death industrial project from Germany Ex.Order with the album “War Within Breath”. This oe was released on good old Malignant records and features Ex.Order in all its noisy glory. Military and news samples together with noise create sinister atmosphere of neverending fight between terrorists and governments worldwide. Good release and I’m still in the ‘collecting’ mode for Ex.Order. One of the best death industrial acts out there.

The Misanthrope

Posted in Music on 15:52, May 10th, 2007

dvdvile7_misanthrope260.jpgI’ve pre-ordered this DVD week before the release and just got signed copy finally. This is “home video” done by Nocturno Culto of Darkthrone. Plus there’s bonus audio CD, but later on this one. The movie itself is somewhat calm and shows quiet Norway nature: calm Nocturno himself who’s skiing in the snowy woods, Darkthrone’ rehearsals and overall quiet and cozy life in Norway. Somewhat cute movie I must say. It starts with Nocturno and Grutle of Enslaved ice fishing together, showing them in the most peaceful way. The music on CD features various tracks from the last albums, but sometimes there’s kind of Deadman music in background – just single ambient guitar. This music’s recorded on aforementioned bonus CD. Good release for Darkthrone fans like me, no commercial hues there, no radical messages, no extremities and other noobish black metal crap, just pure northern nature, music and good people.