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Yet another sonic injection

Posted in Music on 18:53, April 25th, 2007

yearzero_cover.jpgThis time my collection replenished with two american bands of the pop nature. The first CD is by the NIN “Year Zero”. And again, this time NIN sounds different. It’s more pop, quieter, softer, and somewhat boring. Maybe I just have to listen to it more to get used to it and dig all the ideas. Some tracks are actually really good in terms of wicked melody and sounds used, this is, for example – Vessel track. Then again, nothing unique to it, just good entertainment. If you’re old NIN fan, you’ll buy this CD anyway, and if you’re just interested in NIN, get their old albums like Fragile or Downward Spiral, these are still far more interesting in all ways.

da_cover.jpgNext CD is long awaited album of my all time favorites Type O Negative“Dead Again”. Well, I loved it. It’s fast, still interesting and igniting. It’s really cool to see Peter still powerful and brings the same sarcasm and humor, never mind he was in jail, rehab and other troubles. He managed to create yet another masterpiece which sounds fresh and will be rotated for a long long time in my stereo.

s512657.jpgThe next act is power electronics Steel Hook Prostheses“Torturous Anxiety”. This is very quality release. Solid, industrial wall of sound, with rhythm base. Reminds some of Control stuff. This one was released in edition of 200 copies back in 2004, but I managed to get it somehow. Glad to see this stone in my collection.

abm24p.jpgAnd the final CD is from the previously mentioned Ars Benevola Mater label – Various – “Walking in the rain on the Ostrow Tumski”. This is good compilation featuring acts like Herbst9, Allerseelen, Troum, Job Karma, etc. Very good one considering there are unreleased tracks recorded there. It’s kinda worthy if you’re fan of aforementioned acts.


Posted in Music on 11:44, April 20th, 2007

d_da01-1.jpgBeen on the Abracadabra electronics music and media art festival yesterday. That was the first day of the event (overall it’s 3), this is the most interesting day for me because it featured Cyclo – the collaboration of Ryoji Ikeda with Carsten Nicolai of Raster Noton label. The first part of the show was russian ensemble “New Music Studio“. This one was rather peculiar, imagine big ensemble of classical instruments playing experimental music with electronic background. Very fresh and innovative sound, unusual play of the classic musicians (sometimes all of them stood up and started performing tap-dancing). I liked first part a lot. After the long pause the Cyclo finally appeared with all their gear and microsound madness have started. They performed stuff from their old and my favourite album – Cyclo (2001). That was quite powerful, thanks to the proper sound system of the theater and additional minimal video on the screen. The people seem enjoyed this old stuff a lot (including me), so artists were called twice to play an encore. Overall, that was rather mind filling night. I’m glad I finally got to see Cyclo live, nevermind them paying old music.

Monthly update

Posted in Music on 16:35, April 13th, 2007

exorder.jpgHmm, seems my site reduced to monthly updated music blog. I blame too busy reallife and gaming, no time for the silly blog! Anyway, here’s new music I’ve received during last week. Ex.Order – The Infernal Age. The long deleted CD of this noise project is quite nice. The mix of military samples and noisy drones is done very well. This is no wonder, because this project is by the RenГ© Lehmann who’s also responsible for the Inade.

troum.gifNext is long awaited Troum CD – “Shutun”. As usual, the masters of guitar drones are on top. The beginning if the album is barely hearable, but with the progress of the single hour long track there’s that pulse that will bring you far away from reality if you’re in the proper mood. The release is also nicely designed, it’s round tin box with printed spiral on top. Just staring at it will make your head spin ;)

aeon_large.jpgThe next CD is a proper Australian dark ambient project from Malignant recordsTerra Sancta – Aeon. The music reminds R|A|A|N and Herbst9 alot. It’s a bit more spacey and monotonous but still good for the people who like submerging their minds the deadly deserts and ancient ruins.В  “Terra Sancta is a world of deserts, each one an eroded monument to all that is laid to waste. An echo of forgotten idols, decaying myths, buried times.” Solid dark ambient release.

oecd88-1copy.jpgAnd the last but not least comes collaboration of swedish musicians Nordvargs, Beyond Sensory Experience vs Japanese artist Kenji Siratori – “Hypergenome666“. This one is really sinister and dark release. At first, there’s evil design of the box done by UK artist Paul McCarroll. Then there’re two CDs full of pain and sickness. Add there’s mad chants in japanese language, no less mad texts in the supplied book. This all will submerge you to the mad world of sick industrial. Rather interesting release.