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First Experience

Posted in Photo on 21:50, October 29th, 2006

I went out to take some pics with my new camera today. Nothing very spectacular or artistic or special. Just first test in the fields. I’m generally pleased with the quality of photos and possibilities of the camera. Still, I’ll have to get used to its controls and features. The place I went was the museum of locomotives not far from my house. I wanted to visit it for quite some time, but had no real reason to do that. The weather conditions weren’t perfect for shooting, there was wind and grey clouds and occasional rains, but such is life. Enjoy.


Swedish industrial

Posted in Music on 13:13, October 24th, 2006

battle.jpgTwo new items have arrived to me yesterday. First one is recently discovered and loved from the first glance MZ.412“Nordik Battle Signs”. This one is very good black satanic industrial. Good thing I decided to get it in mp3 form just to see what it is like. Loved it instantly. It sounds rather harsh and evil, usage of distorted guitar adds that black metal feel to it. Also WWII and other military samples add that sinister industrial feel like on Toroidh releases. Very nice album!bock.jpg

Second goes recently released new Bocksholm album – “The Haunting Curse of Skogs-Sara”. Released on some obscure polish label with hardly pronounceable name Wrotycz Records it features a bit different sound if to compare with older releases. It’s less harsch and iron but more ambient and even rhythmic in places, but there’s still that trademark cold and cruel Bocksholm sound. I liked some lengthy trancy tracks there as well. Very good and interesting release. Recommended for industrial fans.

So here it’s new hardware

Posted in Photo on 16:22, October 20th, 2006

nikonlogo_i.gifAfter long time spent on the photoforums and reading Phil Askey’s full review of Canon 400D I decided what camera to buy… It is Nikon D80. So I went and did it. Now I’m proud owner of this uber complex piece of japanese hardware. I promised pics as I get new camera but it turned that to get proper images I’m pleased with I have to spend some time learning how to use this camera. It’s not that easy as one might think. The possibilities are endless there… It’s like Photoshop which looks simple at the first glance but has vast number of tricks hidden and useable after some time spent on it. So, you just take some patience while I’m taking my time developing my SLR camera skills to deliver you new pictures.

Consider Phlebas is done

Posted in Books on 11:34, October 13th, 2006

chasm_city_cover_amazon.jpgJust finished Consider Phlebas today. Well it was a nice trip. This is the very first book in the Culture series so it was interesting to read with what this Culture series started. Nice unpredictable plot, that proper Banks’ humour, very sci-fi and exact description of the technology and machines and combat. This all makes this book very believable and immersive. I’m looking forward reading his other sci-fi books.

After I checked my mood on what to read next, I decided to stick to sci-fi and choose next Alastair Reynolds book – Chasm City. I was greatly impressed by the first book – Revelation Space, so I’m expecting no less interesting story from this one.

Further down the autumn

Posted in General News on 17:08, October 10th, 2006

Well, alot of time have passed since the last update and I have nothing to do at work at the moment so here’s an update. From the last major news there’s this one: I’ve sold my old camera and now sitting without one looking as the awesome looking rusty October passes by. This is unbearable. I cannot get a new one just because Canon are too slow and didn’t fill the stores yet. I’m afraid to miss yellow/red trees pics this year completely. From the other not so important news is that I’m still playing WoW and enjoying it, but afraid not! I’m not its slave and have proper real life. It’s just that I don’t play other games for the time being and concentrated on leveling. I’m starting to hate some design aspects there, but it’s still the same addictive madness. Also, google seems taken the planet over and now have user photo album here. I decided to fill it with hi res screens of some of my levels so far, just for the testing purposes. I tell you, this is very fast and comfortable way to store pics online. Maybe not for your main album but for some silly fast pics you never know where to upload every time you want to show them to someone. So that’s it, hopefully next time I update this site I’ll have some new pics I made with my new camera :)