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Dissolution of summer

Posted in Books, Games on 16:44, August 28th, 2006

jsf01.jpgIt turned to be rather hot and wet this year and I’m glad it dies. Autumn slowly takes its role, it’s visible at nights and evenings especially. Mornings are foggy and surprisingly warm due to the frequent southern winds. But day by day everything goes to darkness and cold, which gives inspiration and equilibrium for the soul. Since the last update there are changes in my book queue as I’ve finished “The Picture of Dorian Gray” which impressed me by its vital quotes. Now I’ll look for the other books of O. Wilde and maybe other classics. And I’ve started reading Banks’ Consider Phlebas. That’s rather abrupt switch from the classic to hard sci-fi but I like switches you know. Also, I wanted to read yet another Culture novel for quite some time now, so it’s time.

wow-logo-site.jpgFrom the other news, I’ve bought World of Warcraft and started playing it. But afraid not! I’m not going to get hooked by it like those kiddies, I need it for research purposes at work. Also I’ve got Battlefield 2 as one colleague persuaded me to get it and play with him. I didn’t try it yet but we’ll see. I’m going to switch from the shitty and lowspeed ADSL to proper cable in two weeks as well. That’s going to improve my online gaming experience hopefully.

New music

Posted in Music on 0:53, August 18th, 2006

mz412.jpgJust received new bunch of dark stuff. First goes MZ.412 – “Infernal Affairs”. This is noise/ambient of ex-black metal project where my fave swedish dark ambient man is invloved – Nordvargr. This is rather dark, sinister and overall evil record. Dark ambient mixed with guitar noise plus some ritualistic sounding bits with sad vocals make this record sound really satanic. Recommended for noiz/darkamb fans.


Next goes old release of Brighter Death Now which I thought must be in my collection – “Greatest Death”. Here I’ve found the same hellish loops filled with pain, death and darkness. I like older BDN’s cds for their special sound, and this one is no exception. Every BDN fan must have this record.

loki41_news.jpgInade – “Samadhi Stade” goes next. This is latest Inade’s record which is not far from the previous ones in terms of vast cosmic sound. This time, however, the sound is kinda more light and meditative. It tends to be more dreamy and calls to your mind’s high regions instead of the dark corners as with other Inade albums. (This is sctrictly in my case you must remember). This is interesting and captivating record, recommended.

3way_split.jpgAnd the final CD is a 3 way split easily entitled Anenzephalia / Inade / Operation Cleansweep. Well this CD is good but very short (32mins). Anenzephalia presented here one new 10min track of monotous industrial ambient. Inade goes with the stuff which reminds “Samadhi State” album thus adding two new tracks to that album in terms of style. And Operation Cleansweep presented here rather minimal sounding (I’d say delicate) power electronics which fits pretty nice to this ambientish/minimal CD adding some spice. Overall very nice CD but painfully short, considering it’s full of ambient tracks.

The rest was too short

Posted in Games, General News on 21:27, August 13th, 2006

Yea, two weeks of my vacation have passed like one second, but I feel refreshed and ready to make goddamned games again. During the vac I’ve finished Locoroco game which turned to be quite simple but brains relaxing and Metal Gear Acid 2 which impressed me beyond reality. What a well designed game! Everything from the graphics to little gamedesign elements is well thought of and works like a charm. Gameplay is balanced and yet unpredicted due to the card system there. You have to use your brains to reach the goals. The possibilities of gameplay situations are vast and it forces you to replay this game. Speaking of replay value the game has giant potential here. As you finish the stage you can replay it with 4-6 new tasks not connected with the story. And the story is plain awesome, japanese knows their business and made unpredicted and immersive story with interesting bosses, unexpected ending and all. I strongly recomend you this game if you own PSP and want to wrestle your head messing with cards and tactic situations. Now I’m thinking about getting MGA1 ;)
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