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Dead Air

Posted in Books on 19:26, June 29th, 2006

j11.jpgStarted reading this book last week, enjoying it so far. As usual, my fave scottish author didn’t fail my expectations. This is immersive read about the radio DJ. There are some fun moments when author writes about his love affairs or about his relationships with his friend or colleagues. The book itself is aimed to show peoples reaction on 9/11 attack. Will see how the book develops, so far so good. Speaking about books, I have to look for something new apart from Banks or Meyrink. I was researching them for quite some time now (about a year or more) and didn’t read other authors much. Dunno though, I love these two so much I don’t need anything else :)


Posted in Games on 11:05, June 23rd, 2006

prey.jpgPlayed Prey demo yesterday and was hugely impressed. This is the game I dreamed about: unique setting, soryline and never before seen gameplay. That antigravity paths are disorienting in a fun way, they reminded me good old Descent game which I was big fan of. Speaking about good oldness this game is real oldskool in terms of approach to interesting gameplay situations, cool sinister alien atmosphere and innovations made to Doom 3 engine. I’m definitely buying the game when it ships!

New music

Posted in Music on 13:29, June 19th, 2006

semen.jpgGot trio of the new evilness recenlty. First one is interesting collaborative project of Nordvargr and Hentai entitled “Semen”. This is very good mix of Nordvargr black ambient sounds and Hentai’s power electronics with some pseudo-erotic background. Sinister techno noises, deep basses and weird humanoid sounds create unsettling atmosphere. Worthy release of evil danish Hentai Vital label. And good to know Nordvargr still produces interesting things.

GustafprimordialBig.jpgSecond CD is from the good old canadian Cyclic Law label. This time it’s Gustav Hildebrand with the album “Primordial Resonance”. This one is good “standard” cosmic dark ambient in Lustmord’s vein. Nothing special, but good for the fans of such type of ambient.

combative.jpgAnd third CD came unexpected. I didn’t order it but my supplier gave it to me to pre-listen and I liked it. This is Combatant Alignment’s CD – “… and outside glows the red dawn”. This is Malignant Records release and first CD release of the project, initially they released their vinyls on Loki and Eternal Soul. This is good pulsating or maybe ritualistic drone ambient with industrial touch. It comes with bonus CD which is also good but sounds more minimal.


Posted in General News on 18:17, June 14th, 2006

Here was quite rare event: the concert of In Gowan Ring band. I got to listen to this project about 10 years ago first time. This is quite natural sounding folk. I liked the performance very much because it was somewhat light and calm and reminded me of the woods. Not the usual type of music I usually listen to, but I need to relax sometimes :) From the other things that happened since the last update is that I watched Omen 666 movie which was rather dull. I’m still enjoying HL2 EP1 replaying it and admiring its beautiful gfx. At last, my company presented me the game I worked on last year or so. Now I feel proud and happy and all that. And of course I’m hanging out of the city when I can, escaping deadly hot summer, hence such rare updates.


Posted in Games on 12:05, June 2nd, 2006

Well, I was catching the very moment of release of this gem yesterday. Was waiting looking at the counter at the game’ site and rejoiced when it became available! And it turned that all the excitement was worthwhile. Very well done addon! Proper character development, impressive script scenes and gameplay ideas, improved HDRI gfx adds that special smoothness. I won’t tell about the details here to prevent spoiling the game but if you love HL2, you just ought to get Episode 1. Now log in to Steam and go play it now!