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Messing with Photoshop

Posted in Music on 2:10, May 27th, 2006

Just had some fun with Photoshop – decided to make new wallpapers out of Darkthone’s – ‘The cult is alive’ album art. Wallpapers are made for dual desktop since I have two monitors at work, but there’s one silly wallpaper and for single desktop. Though you can easily crop those dual wallpapers in PS for single display. Enjoy if you’re Darkthrone fan :)


Exploring music

Posted in Music on 23:39, May 24th, 2006

dt_old.jpgFinally got latest Darkthrone CDs, including mini CD ‘Too Old Too Cold’. Also, I’ve ordered alot of new music from the mailorders of Coldspring and Coldmeat. For example: New Risen Throne, MZ.412, Nordvargr vs Hentai, Control, old BDN cd – Greatest Death which I still don’t have for some weird reason and more dark ambient and power electonics music. So, hopefully, the beginning of the summer will be hued with black if everything arrives in time :)
In addition to that I’m now hooked by grindcore out of a sudden. This trend lasts for about two months now. I’m not going to buy CDs though but I leech it furiously. From all the grindcore bands I’ve downloaded (about 100) only 5-10 of them are real gems. This music is like pulp fiction, you have to dig for quite some time to find proper music in this stinking gory pile :)

Nordvargr – Vitagen

Posted in Music on 18:44, May 20th, 2006

hnb_150.jpgFinally! Got the long awaited HNB’s album Vitagen! It was released on the excellent brazilian label Essence Music, which pleased me with another fine release already (Wolfskin). As usual, good old Nordvargr didn’t fail expectations and produced proper evil dark ambient. This CD features some distorted guitars, dark speeches and other tricks to make it sound sinister and satanic. Once again Nordvargr proved who’s main dark ambient hero on the scene. btw, here’s shambler’s opinioin regarding this cd.

On a side note, I had to enable comment approval (only once for each author), because spam activities polluted site quite badly, even Akismet plugin doesn’t help much… sigh…

Silent Hill

Posted in General News on 12:20, May 15th, 2006

Watched Silent Hill this weekend. Very impressive and graphically solid picture. There’s proper atmosphere of impending evil especially when you hear the siren on the church and darkness is getting thicker. All the hell characters are dark and sinister, especially The Red Pyramid and his bugs. There are some game elemets, like main heroine finds so much needed flashlight or tries to remember the way in the labyrinth on the map. But this is not your general game based shitty movie (Doom anyone?) it’s standalone and solid film. Highly recommended.


Posted in Games on 18:41, May 13th, 2006

taustakuva_timmi.jpgGot this game via Steam. I was hooked by the screenshots. Very well done textures and overall colors and atmosphere. And it turned to be really nice game in fact. Top down look like in the Alien Swarm mod with the same type of gameplay. The progress is very well balanced, you always on the edge. As you upgrade your weapons, monsters are becoming more evil. Also I’d like to mention background music there. Very atmospheric ambient when you walk through the half-destroyed base and fast kind of techno when you fight monsters. Overall, rather nice game, it started crashing on me though, but I hope Frozenbyte will fix that soon ;)

Montauk Project

Posted in Music on 17:16, May 11th, 2006

montauk.jpgFinally got long awaited album of Galerie Schallshutz – “Montauk Project“. I’m still listening to his first album HAARP with great inspiration. I always was kinda interested (not that closely though) in conspiracy theories. It’s like some obscure and sinister legends that might be true but noone sure and everyone says this is a hoax etc. But I think if there’s a tale there’s reason to it, so I partially believe in all this dark matter. Moreover, the music dedicated to such things is always haunting, dark and creates ominous industrial atmosphere. Which is very applied to this latest GS’s album. Very well done drone/noise ambience with usage of analogue devices and ultra low frequences, with good package telling the stories behind the Montauk Project. Highly recommended for industrial freaks!

Sin Episode 1

Posted in Games on 17:06, May 11th, 2006

sin1.jpgWell, played this game almost till the end yesterday. Good game and I think it’s worth its money. Some people think opposite though. At first, I liked hi-tech atmosphere there and the warm evening lighting outside. The looks almost identical to HL2 and I wouldn’t say they’re plainer or worse. It’s different. Gameplay. It’s different either, I wouldn’t compare Sin and HL2. There are nice satisfying combats with hostiles where they send reinforcements till you capture the room they appear from, flying troops are fun to play with as well. I liked that there’s not much weapons, you just concentrate on proceeding and plain shooting. The new thing with the healer units where you have to gather health bottles and insert them into the healer is rather good gameplay turn. There are other things I liked (boobs anyone?) but i won’t spoil them. The most important is that this game didn’t seem to bother me and kept me tied to the screen till I fell asleep due to the late time. I’m looking forward playing second episode.

Daxter for PSP

Posted in Games on 23:20, May 9th, 2006

daxter.jpgI’ve bought this game recently and in the middle of it at the moment. This is amazing game! Scores on all the review sites didn’t fail me and this game is really worth its money. Excellent level design, variety in settings, cool overall gfx and of course fun and inventive gameplay makes this game very addictive. Sometimes it isn’t obvious that you have to use some things that are part of the environment for you to proceed, but as you discover that, this is pure pleasure. It really feels adventurous :) Apart from the main gameplay there’s alot of minigames when Daxter is sleeping on his bed. You enter dream mode and there’s number of minigames that get unlocked with time. Every minigame represents popular movies like Matrix and LOTR and what forth. Daxter imagines himself as main heroes of those movies. Apart from the dream minigames there’s bug arena which is like some kind of bug fighting. When you walk in the game you can find special boosts for your warrior bugs for that minigame exclusively. Also there’s that shiny eggs you have to gather and get scores, this is good old way for replayability. All in all, excellent puzzle adventure game with cool characters and gameplay!

Shambler have returned with more music reviews

Posted in Music on 23:59, May 4th, 2006

This is the same post I did in the January, but I’ve edited it according to the new stuff Shambler added. There are more reviews of the CDs and what’s most interesting the review of the Cold Meat Industry Festival that had place in the UK in april. I moved all new stuff separately for easy find, hope you won’t get confused. Enjoy!

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