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V for Vendetta

Posted in General News on 21:59, April 22nd, 2006

Just returned from the theater where I watched this nice movie. I was told by many of my friends that movie is quite worthy to watch and it turned to be the truth. I liked the plot, it’s quite rebellish and correlates with modern times. I liked that there’s old Britain anarchist idea behind it. I like how they show modern politics in their true light and that humanity must not forget the true values of life. The play of Natalie Portman is quite good, I didn’t expect her to play that good after the Star Wars though :) Well, I’m obliged to get the comics now ;)

PSP gaming

Posted in Games on 12:19, April 14th, 2006

tales.jpgI’ve bought Tales of Eternia. Well, since it’s the first jrpg game for me, I play it being unsophisticated user. Well it seems rather fine for me. Fast performance/loading, interesting story (so far). I’m not sure for battles though, they’re realtime and rather messy. You operate with main hero, other 3 members of the party are CPU operated. Battles plays like some kind of fighting but with stats in mind. Well, I’ll play it more and maybe will adjust battles so they’ll be more meaningful and effective. I really dig the oldkool gfx, calm colors and cute pixelart. This is what’s most attractive for me in these games, also the story develops rather unusual for me, it isn’t straightforward as in the most games – it’s like watching japanese movie.

breath.jpgAnother JRPG that I managed to play (borrowed from colleague) is Breath of Fire III. I’ve some words on it in my psp games post, but reading reviews and actually playing the game are very different things. According to the reviews it has big loading times which destroy gameplay, in fact it turned to be rather acceptable. The gameplay is more proper than Tales imo, because all the battles are turn based and you can select weapons/items properly and without much fuss. Graphics is the same cute oldskool, the story is the same japanese weird kind which I like. So, I’m seriously looking forward buying this game too.

Symphony for the Devil

Posted in Music on 11:23, April 14th, 2006

Got the DVD afterall. Well it’s good for the Type O fan like me. There’s show in germany, home video footage inbetween the songs and never before seen interview with them. This time good old Type O showed themselves as mad dudes who produce silly shit jokes constantly. The footage shows tourbus madness mostly and other no less mad things. And the interview is rather crazy, interviewer (nice girl) cannot keep it properly because Type O spoils all her questions with their non stop joking. Overall, good dvd for the fans, shows the band from their low sides but proves they’re still kicking and fun :)

HOMMV demo is out

Posted in Games on 8:15, April 14th, 2006

At last! The demo is out and you can try the game I worked on the last year or so. It weights about 660 Megs and features a couple of single player levels, 1 custom game, 2 races and supports multiplayer. If you like those weird TBS games you might be really interested trying this one. If you like other games but not sure about TBSes, you may still like to check it out just because I participated in development there ;)

Hunting for the PSP games

Posted in Games on 23:05, April 7th, 2006

pspbutt.jpgI’ve stared experiencing hunger towards the new games for my PSP, so I decided to dig through the review sites and see what I can buy now and what I have to wait without patience. Not that I finished games I already own, but I just want more variety on that little screen ;)

Ok, the first target genre is RPG. PSP is quite good for the games where you wander through some world and unlock puzzles. RPG suits this task just perfectly: the explorative gameplay and the growing experience of your character. I’ve been told that there’s alot of japanese RPG’s that are really good. Let’s see: Popolocrois, Ys: The Ark of Napishtim, Tales of Eternia, Breath of Fire III, and others.

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