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New music and software

Posted in Music, Software on 1:32, January 28th, 2006

New music has arrived quite suddenly and there are five cds: Bighter Death Now“May All Be Dead”. I consider this CD is one of the best of the project. Proper BDN’s grinding loops and atmosphere of perversion and abuse. One of my fave of their CDs now.
Second CD is the new Der Blutharsch’s album – “When did wonderland end?” This is CD/DVD release. Der Blutharsch sounds as usual interesting here. Keeping their proper neo-folk style and bringing new sounds and band members. I’ve seen their bass player on Allerseelen show here in Moscow. He rocks, his play is very varied, psychedelic and immersive.
Third CD is a norwegian dark ambient project Svartsinn with its new CD “Traces of Nothingness”. Well, this one has typical Cyclic Law sound. Good volumetric dark ambient in all its glory.
Fourth CD is the danish neofolk project Of the Wand & the Moon with the CD – “Lucifer”. Well this is very much like Death in June by the sound, but even calmer and simpler. Quiet songs with the guitar plus some ambientish soundscapes to flavour the atmosphere.
And the last CD is from the local label I recently made the site for. This is compilation of the several russian ambient projects which is very interesting. Some projects exists for like 10 years now. Being in the deep underground they polished their skills and this CD shows what they have achieved during this long time. Good release.

About software now: I’ve installed nice monitoring thingy on my site – slimstat. I was missing extremetracker which i ditched due to it’s sinister looking code. I didn’t want it to be in the .php files of my wordpress. So here it is, new and shiny stats for my modest site.
The second thing I’d like to mention is the RSS reader I’ve discovered recently: RSSOwl. This one is quite nice alternative of the Feeddemon which I used but ditched because it’s not free. RSSOwl has everything you need for proper RSS browsing plus it’s free and cute looking. Recommended.


Posted in General News on 17:46, January 25th, 2006

Well, nothing really new here since the last update. The only thing that’s worth mentioning that I’ve experienced real nasty frosts here last week (-30CЛљ). Actually such frosts isn’t somehting really special for Russia, but they’re quite rare last times. All the ppl here went mad discussing it. Also, there were some stirings on the webbies of my friends: Paul and GomJabbar managed to switch to WordPress too and they now have new and shiny blogs. As you can see they update them almost daily, I wonder how long it’ll last :) I’ve sold my mpio mp3 player recently and aiming for the ipod (yeah I’m fucking sellout here, couldn’t resist), but I plan buying it not tomorrow but closer to the spring when I’ll be able to walk in the headphones. I’ve replayed Doom3 and ROE once again (on the proper hardware now), and I’d say that d3 rocks and it’s true hardcore fps game. I’d consider it’s better than Quake4 even! So, to sum the above jabber up, life goes on day by day here and nothing extraordinary happens during these long winter nights.

Steady flow of years

Posted in Games, General News on 23:43, January 12th, 2006

Well, the New Year holidays have passed inevitably and I’ve returned to my common duties, such as making and playing games, hunting for the new music and such. As for the making games, well we gonna release our bastard child soon, so those of you who’s interested, can waste some hard earned dollars on this cr.. masterpiece ;) As for the playing games, well, these holidays were full of gaming. First of all I tried to replay Warcraft 3. Since I still didn’t finish it (wha?) I decided to do that this time. I’m carefully reading all the cutscenes and objectives, immersing myself into the properly made storyline. Another game which attracted and pleased me was Dungeon Siege 2. I’m in the beginning of it and it seems to be endless. There is vast and beautiful world. The weird part is that its RPG-ness doesn’t scare me. I’m always afraid of the rpg games because of their complexity and alot of numbers and items. But DS2 is made for casuals like me so I feel fine and relaxed there. Add here good atmosphere and relaxing gameplay and you’ll get rather addicting product.
Having alot of free time I browsed through the many of gaming sites, and found this one. As I found it i realised how I miss proper adventure games! Reading random games reviews I’ve found the Ankh game which attracted me by its warm looking screenies and high scores of the review. I’ve got the demo and was pleased by the good quality of the image and puzzles and funny characters there. I’m looking forward playing full game and hunting for more good adventure games I missed.