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Impending New Year

Posted in Books, General News on 22:13, December 28th, 2005

Revelation_Space.jpgI think this is the last post in the year of 2005. Here’s short status report. No new games or records were acquired and played/listened. Though, I’ve got new books I ordered from the UK. These are the three books of my fave Iain Banks: Consider Phlebas, Algebraist and Dead Air. Looking forward to reading them. Currently I’m in the middle of the Alastair Reynolds’ Revelation Space hard sci-fi novel. Enjoying its scientific hue and vast scale of events in space and time. So here I am, fighting with flu and getting ready to meet 2006 in good spirit.


Posted in Music on 10:18, December 22nd, 2005

I found this link highly amusing :)

Fat Weekend

Posted in Music on 1:55, December 19th, 2005

Yeah, this weekend was full of events. Everythign started with the friday night party with friends. The next day I went to the Messer Chups gig. Bought their last record from the artist themselves (asked for the autograph of course too ;). This album rocks! For me, it’s their best album: more nice guitar music and less evil samples from the movies :) Oh and I got to see Zombie Girl live, she’s so cute when she plays her bass. And the Oleg Gitarkin is funny duder as well. I’ve got a lot of positive there. But that’s not all! I went to the Rapoon show this night! I never listened to Rapoon before. Though I’ve got some mp3s of it just to know that stuff it is. I liked mp3s so I went to the show being prepared for the good. And I wasn’t dissapointed, it turned to be rather nice ethno ambient. Good thing is that there were chairs. So I dozed off even. The music was quite meditative and deep. This show was quite nice refreshment for the whole weekend :) There are some pics I made there, gonna hang them in the gallery soon, I’m kinda tired at the moment and pics require some Photoshop treatment. Expect them soon.


Posted in Music on 22:52, December 13th, 2005

Just bought the long awaited Brighter Death NowKamikaze Kabaret CD today. As expected it turned to be a proper one. The sound here is a bit more deeper and lower than on Innerwar, it adds something new to the BDN’ sound. This album is more loop oriented, which I just love. Listening to it for the 2nd time in a row at the moment. Recommended!


Posted in Games on 20:08, December 13th, 2005

Oh yes, surprisingly, but I got hooked by this game. I was never a racing fan except Carmageddon which attracted me by its violence and fun. I tried older NWS games several years ago, but they didn’t do it for me. And ‘Most Wanted’ suddenly gripped me. The reasons of it are simple: it keeps smile on my face and adds adrenaline and real competition feel. At last I felt that AI is smart enough and it competes adequately keeping the fun level steady. This is the main reason what makes this game attractive. And it looks awesome of course, considering I run it on proper hardware which gives me extra points of pleasure :)

The Winter has come

Posted in General News on 14:26, December 2nd, 2005

And I didn’t even notice that. The torrent of days brought me to this dark season unawares. Well, from my last achievements I’d mention the completion of AOE3, very nice game and it was rather long which is nice. I have some more games to complete but usually I’m either too tired to play or just have no inspiration to do that. So I have nothing more to say, so I’m logging off for the time being.