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Old movies

Posted in General News on 14:08, April 24th, 2005

I’m possessed by the old sci-fi movies these days. Got to see a number of them: Quatermass, Monolith Monsters, etc. I love their simple design and seriousness with which people thought about the aliens and space. Yet these movies are somewhat cozy and make me think that it was better to live back in 50s-60s :) Got to see Sin City also, funny movie. Second one after the Hellboy which I consider successful movie based on comic. As for the level design: not much is done. Messed with Maya and D3 again but mostly in learning purposes. Making levels for D3 isn’t that fun as it was for Quake. To make one room you have to spend several weeks making models, textures and such. The main time eater is lighting now. To adjust light you have to spend alot of time, not just making it looking good but making it working fast enough. So it’s rather hard for me to work on a D3 level after my work, it’s like second shift or something. No more fun as it was with Quake…

An update

Posted in General News on 14:09, April 4th, 2005

Well, the main event that happened recently is KRI. This is local analogue of GDC. Well it was fun and some of the lectures were kinda useful and interesting. This time I got to see Levelord and persuaded him to sign my copy of Scourge of Armagon. He’s really funny dude and I liked his question/answer session at KRI. From the other silly news is that I’ve installed old rusty hardware into my second computer. Like Voodoo1 (Monster 3D) and Creative AWE32. Installed old games like Blood, Z, Tomb Raider and Carmageddon with 3dfx patches were necessary and immersed myself into the old games :)