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Level Sources 2

Posted in General News on 14:12, January 31st, 2005

Second and the final bunch of the sources goes to the big world off my hdd today. This time you can start destroying these worlds: Quake Single player levels – Solarfall, The Castle of Koohoo; Deathmatch levels: Uzuldaroum, Aghast, Lilith, Ferrum, Hook In Mouth, Zed, Zed II and 3 old unmentionable dm maps; Quake 3 Arena levels – Khaooohs, Nemesis Online, Uzuldaroum III. All the sources available as on their respective subpages as in the packs which could be found here. Have fun!

And here is the new photo I took last friday when going to work.

Level Sources

Posted in General News on 14:13, January 28th, 2005

Ok, here’s the first pack of sources. I’m releasing Nastrond and Adamantine Cruelty sources under the Creative Commons license. I think these files will be useful for those who’s learning mapping and for the experienced mappers just for fun.

And here’s a little present for everyone – Floyd Screensaver. I was inspired by the metlslime’ gif file which represented quake model which was inspired by some character from the Super Metroid (SNES) game. Enjoy!

The Update

Posted in General News on 14:13, January 26th, 2005

Ok, I’ve finished my level for The Lost Chapters pack so I can turn to other things. Expect this level to be released in the end of march within this pak. I hope it’s going to be successful. And I wish luck to other participants to finish their levels within deadline. Looking at the last trend of releasing maps sources I decided to join and I’m going to release certain .map files soon. I just have to make sure they’re not damaged or something. I’m not sure anyone will find them useful though, but still. It’s better for them to be online rather than rot on my hdd. As for my design plans, well I’m going to mess with Maya and D3 a bit. There are no certain plans so far, just learn the technology and editors, time will show what outcome these weird labours will bring…

The Scene

Posted in General News on 14:14, January 16th, 2005

Allright, Quake isn’t going to die. In fact, the scene is rather alive these days. Kell and Necros have started rather nice compo. I decided to participate there. I’m going to use the level I started last month. Go there and there for more info. I’d say that the compo is organized very well, from the proper site to proper documentation. It just makes me want to participate whether I desire or not :)

And here goes map pack from czg! He has released 6 maps chained into one nice pack. The design of the map is kinda doom-ish and oldkool. Gameplay if very fun though! A pity he didn’t polish the maps properly and released them cuz he got sick of them (I can understand that though). Still, very well done levels, go grab them!

OMG it’s raining!

Posted in General News on 14:14, January 11th, 2005

You wouldn’t believe, but there are two new Quake single player levels! This time it’s SM40 contest results. The maps are by Mike Woodham and Zwiffle. I was the judge there, it was rather hard task for me, but i managed to select the winner. Proceed there, read details and download the levels.

And again a little of boasting. I’ve got The Making of Doom 3 book today, yay! It’s full of interesting info about the development of the game and id team. Hi res screens makes me want to upgrade my puter and re-play the game with uber quality settings though… The book isn’t that beautiful as HL2 one. It has less big sized sketches and images. It’s overall design isn’t that clean and mature as of HL2 book. But still, it’s full of interesting facts, this is what is the most valuable here ;)

Another new Quake level!

Posted in General News on 14:16, January 9th, 2005

The beginning of 2005 still brings us new releases! This time it’s Kinn’s QSP – The Marcher Fortress. Vast, giant, colossal level with nearly 300 monsters to fight. I was impressed by the level’ scale and horde type of combat. Also, custom qc and monsters fits really well there as well as some custom sounds. Go and get it now!

Oh, the day isn’t over yet, and here goes another level from Pulsar! This one is little monsterless level filled with traps and puzzles. Also, it wears Rubicon textures which makes it look nostalgic :)

Is it new year already?

Posted in General News on 14:16, January 7th, 2005

OMG seems so. And it brings new Quake levels! This time it’s Jago’s Apinaraivo which is ikbase/speedbase themed level with high detailing and very quality brushwork. Gameplay is relaxing and fun there. But I liked how Jago moved vertices around. Every detail is seamlessly intergrated into the level, there’s no flaws here. Very nice and contrast lighting adds depth to the level. It’s nice to meet 2005 with such a map.

As for me, I didn’t touch anything mainly because I got some evil kind of cold and was in the bed almost all the holidays. Even now I’m typing with my right ear closed (got otitis or something). So I’m like half-dead now, trying to climb out of this disease’ trap.