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New Quake level…wait, what?

Posted in Levels on 14:16, November 4th, 2010

Yes, maybe it’sВ NovemberВ with its proper gloomy days and constant twilight, or maybe I got proper rest on vacation (slept unusually much there). But here it is, new Quake map that took me about 4 days to make. The initial goal was to make small map and don’t go epic so I actually finish it. Enjoy! On dedicated page you’ll find more info.

Der Brushwerk

Posted in Levels on 12:07, February 1st, 2007

The Jesse have started this interesting project which you can hold in your hands: the book. This is indeed interesting, at least for the level designers who spent so much time polishing their skills and whos work is decaying in the digital depths of the internet. This book might turn the attention (at least for some minutes) of the people who’s far from all this gaming stuff. I wish good luck to Jesse with this project and hope there will be alot of contributors and the book ships and everyone will be happy :)

Winter Q1SP Map Pack 2005-2006

Posted in Levels on 1:47, March 10th, 2006

fitz0013.jpg Zwiffle and Hrimfaxi just released awesome map pack with two maps in it! The pack must be started within the Quoth mod. The first level (teacup) is made by Zwiffle out of scrapmaps by czg. This level uses arabian set by Iikka and has good gameplay and some nice interesting designs. But the second level (egypt) is just awesome! The initial brushwork is done by Drew and Hrimfaxi have finished it. It uses my favourite Dissolution of Eternity egypt textureset and has vast designs with waterfalls, high and big structures, proper Quake atmosphere and other interesting ideas. The official discussion goes at the ever slow and b0rked func, you’ll find screenshots there as well. Very well done level! Every Quake fan must play this pack NOW!


Posted in Levels on 13:05, November 6th, 2005

Oh, this happened quite suddenly! Kell and Necros have released their long awaited expansion pack Quoth and a bunch of maps for it. Cannot wait to play it. It features high quality custom monsters and impressive leveldesign. Hurry up here and get it! And you’ll find more maps for it in this thread.

New Giant Level

Posted in Levels on 22:30, October 13th, 2005

Tronyn has released impressive Quake Single Player level yesterday. It so vast you’ll need special engine to play it! I liked its colossal scale and the main idea of climbing on the tower in the mountains. Also it has 340 monsters! Bloody horde massacres have place in almost every hall. Go grab it while it’s still hot!

New level

Posted in Levels on 17:48, September 2nd, 2005

Metlslime has released nice oldskool looking level titled “Antediluvian”. It uses “Wind Tunnels” theme and atmosphere and has very quality brushwork. Go get it!

SM82: Rubicondom

Posted in Levels on 23:39, July 18th, 2005

At last, after the year of messing with brushes and the level parts RPG has released this monster of a level SM82:Rubicondom. Such brutal title comes out of the textures: entire level wears textures from the Rubicon pack by metlslime. This level consits of the speedmaps of the 82th session. Speedmaps themselves were made by these people: PuLSaR, Zwiffle, distrans, NotoriousRay, and RPG. I liked the smooth interconnections between the parts, overall design, layout and fun gameplay. This is notable and well built level. Thanks to RPG for finishing it and bringing it to the masses.

New Level

Posted in Levels on 23:42, June 28th, 2005

Our very own in the past and now new and shiny Raven’ employee widely known as Lunaran just released the giant quake single player level! The level wears quake2 base textures, has nonlinear layout, custom monsters and features 8 secrets. (I managed to find only 1 so far). So, what are you waiting for? Go get it!

The Lost Chapters

Posted in Levels on 23:43, May 30th, 2005

At last, The Lost Chapters mod is released! Thanks to Kell and Necros for organizing it and forcing some lazy mappers to make levels for it. It turned to be rather well made pack. It features one my level, for details refer to this level subpage. The pack includes levels by Kell, Necros, Zwiffle and two unknown guys Eric and Ionous. Go to the dedicated site and download this candy.